Women In Poverty This Essay Is On Infant Mortality Based Off Of The Show 20/20. Western Illinois Soc 410 Essay

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Kyleigh Price
Sociology 410
Essay Number 4
April 27, 2018
410 Exercise No 4 Infant Mortality
The Show 20/20 described many issues with infant Mortality. It is a big misconception that infant mortality is not an issue in the united states. Infant mortality can be seen throughout the united states. However, in Memphis Tennessee, Babayland has one of the highest rates of infant mortality. The causes of this issue can be contributed to many factors, including low income, transportation and teen pregnancy.
Income is a major issue in Memphis, Tennessee there are high rates of infant mortality. Many families who lose a child is from low income homes. Infant mortality in Memphis is focused on property rates. Due to poverty many people don't have the access to healthcare and prenatal care. It is very important for newborn babies to regularly see the doctor and go on checkups. Like a lot of things, people of low income households have a harder time with achieving those goals because they don't have the money to pay for healthcare. In order to get to healthcare many times this requires money. Another big factor that contributes to the high rates of infant mortality is due to race. People of the black community who are and low-income homes also have an issue with infant mortality. This can be linked back to poverty. Another issue is Government funding. The government tends to forget about the low-income part of town. Even if a family had access to health care, the facility itself may not have the funding to stay open. To help combat the funding issue, health care providers have to reduce office hours and employees. This can be problematic because so many families need to be seen but not enough doctors. It can also be problematic because mothers need to work. They usually take whatever jobs they can and this means weird hours. If the establishment have reduced house, those who have to work may not be able to see a doctor. A lot of times the mothers cannot take their children to the doctors because they are working as much hours as they can and those are works hours do not align with the office hours of the clinic.
Another major issue is transportation. Transportation is a problem because not very many buses even run to the clinics. If the buses do run to the clinics, a mother may not have access to the bus in the first place. Walking may not be a solution either because the clinics may not be in walking distance. Another issue is teen pregnancy teen pregnancy, not only in Memphis, Tennessee, but the rest of United States as well. Teenage pregnancy is another big contributor to infant mortality. This is because there can be many complications with teenage mothers giving birth. One of these issues may be that the child is born with low birth weight. Some babies also have some developing issues because the mother is not fully developed herself. A lot of times these teen mothers are in poverty and can...


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