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Table of Content1. Introduction 21.1. Problem outline 21.2. Objective of the assignment 21.3. Data collection methods and information sources 22. Executive Summary 32.1. Mision 43. Company summary 53.1. History 53.2. Market positron 54. Services 64.1. Service descriptions 64.2. Fulfillment 74.3. Future services 85. Market analysis 95.1. Customers and Target Markets 95.2. Service Business Analysis 105.2.1. Business Participants Access services ISPs face challenges Broad access becomes more prevalent 115.2.2. Competition and Buying Patterns 125.2.3. Main Competitors 135.2.4. Risks 146. Strategy 166.1. Competitive Advantages 166.2. Marketing Plan 176.2 ...view middle of the document...

[2])2. Executive SummaryXxx s.r.o. (Xxx) is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) based in Brno with infrastructure at many Czech cities. The company offers the following services to its customers:High bandwidth Internet access (up to 1 Gbps).Voice services (IP based)Hosting servicesVPN (Virtual Private Network)Xxx is a company driven to provide customers with a complete solution to their entire current and future Internet and private network needs. The company's customer base includes all residential consumers, small-medium-sized and big businesses.Xxx benefits from several strategic alliances by receiving very competitive pricing on most services, allowing the company to offer competitive pricing on its services to customers.Competitive threats come from other ISPs located in Czech market, including the following companies: Netbox, Czech Telecom, GTS Novera, Nextra, SkyNet, Karneval, UPC etc.. Most competitors offer solutions through wireless and DSL, but ignore fiber optics. With the rise of fibers optics sites, there is potential for Xxx to surpass its competitors. Because fiber optics has no limits at speed of data.Xxx has a management team with direct knowledge of the industry, extensive research experience, and unique administration skills.Projected revenues for 2005 through 2007 are 1.5 million, 4.5 million, and 7.5 million CZK, respectively. The company is seeking an investment of 1.5 million CZK. The company primarily needs capital to fund four areas of growth in the company:Increase personnel to handle sales, service, and development efforts.Increase marketing to assure future customers are aware of their offerings and aggressive pricing.Expand base of operations (using wholesale providers, partnerships, and other mechanisms) to include at least the top 10 Czech markets for Internet access.Perform research and development to bring new products to market (VVD - Voice, Video and Data through one connection). (lit. [3])2.1. MisionThe mission of Xxx is to provide customers with a complete solution to all their current and future Internet and private network needs.Xxx has established a reputation for quality work and plans to continue to enhance its image in the industry. The company seeks to become a well-known and respected provider of advanced network solutions by:Increasing service offerings.Increasing availability and accessibility to current and future customers.Creating innovative, unique, and cost-effective solutions to problems currently faced by customers. (lit. [3])3. Company summary3.1. HistoryWhile maintaining successful company activities on the telecommunications market, the company has undergone progressive development. At the beginning XXX dealt with constructing line routing and fibre optics.These activities, which were the basis for the company's foundation and which served significantly in its development, were further supplemented with transmission systems, low-current and power distribution in buildings and secur...


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3826 words - 16 pages Running Head: BUSINESS PLAN 0 BUSINESS PLAN 11 The University of Baltimore Global Business Plan: Coca-Cola Company Aubree Green MGMT 302.WB July 17, 2018 Table of Content 1. Introduction (Description of Organization) 2 2. Description of Product 2 3. Description of foreign market/country 3 4. Risk Analysis of Country 4 5. Swot Analysis 10 6. Entry Strategy and Operations 11 7. Advantages 13 8. Disadvantages 13 9. Conclusion 14 1. Introduction

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2794 words - 12 pages Business plan: Skill Development Training for Home Care ServicesPROPOSED WORK CONCEPT: Training/grooming module for existing/prospective housemaids/Domestic helps/Domestic Assistants.MISSION:"Empowering the Urban slum women by improving their socio-economic condition through Skill Development Training"VISION:To strengthen the women residing in urban slum dwellings of Delhi both economically and socially, so that they can live their life with

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4211 words - 17 pages An xQuizyt Affair A. Executive Summary A1. Company Identification An xQuizyt Affair is an upscale event venue located in Houston, TX. An xQuizyt Affair offers access to not only a beautiful event space but also the hard goods that come along with having an event such as tables, chairs, and decor items. An xQuizyt Affair aims to add the element of one-stop shopping to event planning. This business plan outlines the growth and sales

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607 words - 3 pages billion according to the Institute of Grocery Distribution (2017). The sheer amount is significant and relevant because a business’ main aim is profit maximisation. Thirdly, Asda is in the business of selling consumer products that we all use daily. Therefore, the importance of supermarkets for our everyday needs cannot be overstated. Asda, by virtue of its standing as one of Britain’s “big four” supermarkets, was therefore a natural choice for me

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1166 words - 5 pages and to prevent the likelihood of someone impersonating one of our consultants. Research and Development The company is planning to conduct the following research and development: · Create a custom technology solution for manufacturers of vehicles such as automobiles or airplanes that helps better track each manufactured piece and its status in the assembly process · Determine the need for additional consulting services within our market related

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4075 words - 17 pages internet marketing, in which all correlate to promote synergy within the business. Planning, monitoring and controlling in the form of comparing planned results to actual results and revising the marketing plan will ensure Fitness R Us constantly strives to achieve their objectives. In long-term, these suggestions will eradicate the weaknesses and threats Fitness R Us is experiencing and allow it to move into the stage of renewal. Situational

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259 words - 2 pages recently indicted including Bernie Ebbers who got 25 years for his role in the collapse of WorldCom. Adelphia founder and ex-CEO John Rigas received a sentence of 15 years.The government has been intervening in business a lot recently. Between the WorldCom case, Enron and recently Tyco, the SEC has been working overtime. Without the government's intervention, these scams could still be going on, and these corporate executives could have gotten away with more money.

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552 words - 3 pages Free Business Code of EthicsCode of ethics is vital for any business to run smoothly as it saves company, employees and customers from conflicts and serious management issues.We believe compliance to code of ethics is source of advantage for our company.. The Company`s Code of ethics provide basic set of rules and standers that guide management in decision making as management can develop policies, guidelines and rules based on these set of ethics

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351 words - 2 pages 1.0 Executive SummaryGypoNet in an internet service provider and web hoster in Sydney NSW, Australia. The purpose of this business plan is to outline the Start-Up of GypoNet in the future, outlining plans, goals and how to achieve them.Our business aims to create a monopoly in the industry in which GypoNet will be the only ISP available to produce speeds not yet experienced by Australian users, but have been around for a large amount of time in

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728 words - 3 pages My Body Is My Own Business By: Naheed Mustafa [This essay is first published in The Globe and Mail (Toronto) in Editorial on the Hijab-the Islamic Veil; Tuesday, June 29, 1993; Facts and Arguments Page (A 26)] I often wonder whether people see me as a radical, fundamentalist Muslim terrorist packing an AK-47 assault rifle inside my jean jacket. Or maybe they see me as the poster girl for oppressed womanhood everywhere. I'm not sure which it is