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By Yourself Braids: Easy Box Braids

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Krystal Smith8Dr.ShapeEnglish 1301July 9, 2014By Yourself Braids: Easy Box BraidsMost people think that braiding can be very difficult, but once they get the hang of it, they will see it very easy and simple. There are many braiding styles and technique, but there is one and particle braiding hairdo that is easy, stylish, and again simple. They're called Box Braids. Doing box braids are very easy and not so difficult than other braiding hair styles. I can say this, because I have been wearing braids and braiding since I was in the 6th grade. I've learn from my sisters and pick up many skills and techniques. I have practice and did many friends and family braid hairdos. This easy box braids are suitable for young ladies whose always on the go and don't have time to do their hair, and those that love to save money. To do these nice stylish easy ...view middle of the document...

After, the hair have been plucked. Start to comb through the hair making it straight as possible. Part your hair into four section. Leave the first section you plan to work on undone, but use a three hair clips to keep the remaining three sections out of the way.Then, part a pieces of hair into a small size box. Measure a small pieces of braiding hair between your index finger and thumb. Blend braid hair with natural hair. Then, bend the measured portion of braiding hair in half, forming a horseshoe or upside-down u-shape. Separate the small box of real hair into three sections. The center section should be just barely thicker than the left and right sections. Place the bend of the braid hair over the center section of your real hair. The ends of the extension should overlap with the right and left sections of your real hair. Make a single braid with your hair.Using the basic braiding technique, making sure you're close to the roots of natural hair. Cross the left section under the center section. Then, pull the right section under the center section, completing a single braid. The braid hair should be secure now. Redistribute the hair in this pinched-off portion to create three sections equal in thickness and length. Continue braiding your hair of each section using the same steps above. Use clips to keep hair out the way as you finish. Each section of hair should be roughly the same length. Otherwise, your braids may look uneven by the time you finish them. If the braids are not the desire length you want you can add hair into the braid. Once the braids are completed, seal the braid. There are many ways to sill braids by burning the end with a lighter, knotting, or design the braid going thick to thin. After, sealing the braids deep braids into steaming hot water to completely seal in loosen braids weight.I garutee that wearing this hairdo will save you time and money. Also these easy box braids are healthy for your hair. Wearing box braids are styles for every season and go way to grow hair out

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