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Engineering Graphics ANd DESIGN
Content Page
1. Design Brief
2. Research
3. Possible Solutions (3 Designs)
4. Evaluation and selecting a Final Design
5. Working Drawings
5.1. Layout Drawings (scale 1:100)
5.1.1. Floorplan
5.1.2. Sectional Elevation
Two Elevations (Front & Side)
5.2. Site Plan (Scale 1:200)
5.3. Two Point Perspective (Scale 1:100)
Management Plan
1. Design Brief - 15 minutes
2. Research - 30 minutes
3. Possible Solutions (3 Designs) - 1 1/2 hours
4. Evaluation and selecting a final design - 15 minutes
5. Working Drawings
5.1. Layout Drawings (scale 1:100)
5.1.1. Floorplan - 30 minutes
5.1.2. Sectional Elevation - 25 minutes
5.1.3. Two Elevations (Front and Side) - 40 minutes
5.2. Site Plan (Scale 1:200) - 50 minutes
5.3. Two Point Perspective (Scale 1:100) - 2 hours
Design Brief
What must be designed?
An additional building which must contain a kitchen, which will be able to serve the two conference rooms, and a tuck shop , which could be used during matches and functions.
Reasons for designing?
During the initial construction of the facility, two conference rooms, which could be used to generate funding, were prepared under the western pavilion. Although many businesses and individuals have expressed an interest in hiring the conference rooms for functions or meetings, they could not be accommodated because the are no kitchen facilities.
For whom you designing?
For businesses and individuals who wants to hire the conference rooms for functions or meetings.
Where will it be built?
It will be built in place of the facility on the large piece of land the sports club owns.
Existing Specifications
· A football pitch
· TWO pavilions, which have been enclosed underneath
· Two conference rooms, which can accommodate 80 people each, under the western pavilion
· Two change rooms under the northern pavilion
· Ladies and gents toilet under the northern pavilion
· A store room under the northern pavilion
· A large, secure parking area
· The site has a fall of 3 meters from northwest to southeast, as indicated by the contours on the site plan
Specifications for the proposed kitchen and tuck-shop building
· To reduce costs, the total are of the building will not exceed 120m2
· A kitchen large enough to service both conference rooms and the tuck-shop simultaneously
· The kitchen must be separate, yet accessible, from the tuck-shop
· TWO change rooms for the people who will be working in the kitchen and the tuck-shop. Each change room must have lockers, toilets and hand washbasins
· Suffici...

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