Explaining A Mosque And Its Duties And Responsibilities - Quninsgamind Community College English 101 - Essay

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Feb 28 2018
The worcester islamic center its located in worcester in east mountain st. it is mosque
which is an Islamic holy place in Arabic it is called a Masjid. It simply means the place of
prostration because anybody can make a mosque anywhere in the world as long as a Muslim
kneels to prostrate.To recognize there are many unique features which you can tell it is Mosque.
There are two things that differentiate as to whether it is a mosque or not. They are the a Dome
and a Minaret.
The Dome is a vital part of the mosque as it allows the air to travel and make mosque
Prayer Hall cooler. It is built on top of the Prayer Hall as it turn up the human voice.The Minaret
is a large building on the side of a mosque, it’s a tower from which the call of pray is given is
called the azan. Some mosques may have more than one minaret it may not be necessary but
depends on which mosque it is and how it is design. One wall is higher than the rest and has
huge archway is in it. This is the Qibla Wall which is in the direction of Makkah. The features
that is inside the mosque are the Mihrab, Minbar, Prayer Hall,, Washing facilities, Carpeting.
The Mihrab is a niche set in the wall facing mecca which is the holy city for muslims.
They are beautifully decorated will tiles also text from the Qur’an. This is sometimes called the
niche of lights. It represents the presences of god in the heart of believer’s. During the prayers,
the leader is able to use the prayer mat in the Mihrab itself. The leader is the Islamic leader
called the imam, he is who leads preaches, he also leads ceremony, and prayer. Every mosque
has his own Imam leader who is in charge of the mosque. The leader also has others duties
such as teaching the children how to read quran. Also the leader imam has to stands in the
minbar every friday.The Minbar is like a pulpit from which the imam or Islamic leader speaks it is
basically 3 steps of stairs to raise the person w...

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