Final Paper Outline International Politics International Politics Essay

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Nguyen 2
Phuc Nguyen
Prof. Halle Carol
3th September 2018
Final Paper
I. Problem
A decade ago, North Korea was known the last country that still choose to close from communicating with other countries. The country itself is poor, and the citizen of the country lives in a very bad condition. Even though the citizen is suffered, the country chose not to open to the world until recently year. IN 2018, North Korea starts to talk to other country about opening up to world, starting with South Korea, and then the U.S. The thing that makes a lot of country afraid to talk about North Korea is the capability of nuclear weapon of the country. The country created and tested many type of nuclear weapons in the past. When North Korea met President Trump in Singapore on June 2018, Trump insisted the North Korea leader to sign a deal that the country would start to dismantle its nuclear weapon before reaching to a peace treaty, but it seems like a very hard thing to believe. North Korea was able to survive until this because other countries afraid of its nuclear capability, and they have powerful ally to protect them, like China. Using force to make North Korea give up is not an option to consider for the U.S. So, Why North Korea doesn’t want to give up the nuclear weapon, and how the U.S. should change its way to make North Korea give up the nuclear weapon without using force, or minimal the collateral damage when the U.S. have to fight?
Question: Why North Korea doesn’t want to give up the nuclear weapon, and how the U.S. should change its way to make North Korea change its mind?
II. Theory
The theory I choose to approach the problem is Realism. Realism states that power means everything. Power is most important factor to determine which states has the most influence on the world politics. We’re currently live in the world on multipolarity. Many states have powers, both economically and military. The reason I choose realism over liberalism is that the goal for the U.S. with North Korea is to control the nuclear weapon the North Korea have. It’s more about controlling the power of the North Korea than installing a “peaceful” leadership and establish peace treaty with the country. As we can see, what North Korea do is trying to obtain as much as power they can and demonstrate it, so the other country will agree to its term. The North Korea wants to be recognized as a strong and rightful country. It wants the world to understand its value and wants to have a normal relationship with other countries despite the difference of the country has with others. North Korea is one of the few countries that still have the tyranny system in the country. It will be a mistake if we see that the U.S. pressure the North Korea because of liberalism. The U.S. and its allies see North Korea as a threat because of the capability of nuclear weapon it has. The allies afraid that if they let the North Korea stay the way it was in the past, the North Korea will commenc...


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