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Friendship is a sweet kind of relationship. And, like any other relationship, it takes an effort to keep it going. Friendship can be known as a special kind of concern for a friend. All of us have friends regardless of our social status or how much we own in the bank. Friendship is very crucial and significant to us as human beings. We have friends who are there to listen to us when we feel happy or disappointed. Their presence gives it a warm feeling, some of them may listen to us when we are feeling down or disappointed, and some are there to take care of us when we are sick. Your best friend is an important figure in guiding you through your life journey. She is the person who keeps me feel calm when there are family related issues. She is the person who stays up all night to support me when there is a last minute paper due for a class. My best friend is my second family who will always be there when I need and wants her.
Friendship is one of the most important valuable things in life. Living a life without the experience of friendship is a life without living. To survive, human interaction is essential for the survival purpose. Nonetheless, developed friendships are important to the successful well-being of anyone. Based on Webster’s Dictionary, the meaning of a friend is, “A meaning of the term friendship and a friend is based upon to one’s notion. Many people seek various characterist...


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638 words - 3 pages friends well and not taking them for granted is very important. True friendship is worth keeping even if you’re one hundred or one thousand miles apart. I have friends that live all around the country and we still keep in touch. I went to an overnight camp at Loyola Chicago, in which people from all over the country came to gain experience on how to be a first responder. Even though we are far from each other, we always take the time to catch up

The Great Gatsby comparative essay on Daisy and Myrtle on how they are similar - Comparative essay - essay

1368 words - 6 pages Despite Their Differences Men Look At Them the Same The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald is a book based on the 1920’s where money was at a pinnacle of it’s value. The era of old money. In the book there are two lead roles played by females named Daisy and Myrtle. Daisy and Myrtle are from different parts of the world when it comes to being treated by men and how no matter what their status was, they are looked at as object by all men

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2105 words - 9 pages Free compared to today's society. It also amazes me how even in today's society, in order for a female coach to get a professional coaching job at pro level or college level they have to fight for this job a lot more than males do. It all starts with gender equality and how males are viewed more superior than females. Now in today's society Title IX is impacting female sports in many ways . Now in sports they are trying to equal pay but still haven’t

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3328 words - 14 pages Free Why are issues of inequality in early childhood important and how do they impact on the experiences of children and adults in an early childhood setting? “Children Belong together there is no reason whatsoever to separate them in school or otherwise” (Florian, 1998) Welcome to my reflective essay on inequalities and discrimination in early childhood and the impact they have. Inequality is defined by (Webster, 2019) as the “disparity of

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659 words - 3 pages Russell 1 Russell 1 Roy Russell Ms. Nabaty La 10B 10 June 2016 Truth Of America When people think that their American Dream can be achieved, they are incorrect to what the American Dream is. In the Great Gatsby it is how someone could chase one girl if you love her even if she’s married. Of Mice and Men it is base in the 1920’s so they are saying that making money and owning a home. Anna Quindlen’s essay is talking about the American Dream being

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721 words - 3 pages on, blood shod”. The novel demonstrates this same trait in showing Paul and his comrades have a link that is “more than life …, motherliness and more than fear”, and together they feel “they are the strongest (and) most comforting (entity) there is anywhere”. Clearly, both works of literature show the same attributes of comradery: teamwork and support, no matter the situation. In addition, these two texts show the effects of a fallen comrade

Puritan Essay that described how they came to be - APUSH - Essay

716 words - 3 pages . They establish the first schools, which helped families lives became more stable. Puritans also helped enact the individualism that America has today. In 1636, Harvard University became a known institution for the ministry. Harvard was a school for young men that would prepare them for the spiritual life. Even though public schools originated during this time period, only the wealthy children were able to attend. Students would receive a great

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1048 words - 5 pages Free need structured play and games where they can learn physical discipline, whether in gymnastics or sport” (Ravitch, Pg.111). Students need physical activity to keep a healthy body and a healthy mind, something reading, and mathematics can't solely do. These students are our societies future. Our schools and education play such a key importance to our students and how they develop and approach life. Our government needs to understand that our

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1368 words - 6 pages made the decision of her own free will, she would not actually be able to go without Claire’s money. Claire tries to sell the house and get Catherine committed. Both are events that Catherine does not want, and should be her choice as they affect her life, but Claire still tries to force it on her without even consulting her. “I don't need an apartment, I’ll stay in the house” “ were selling the house” “What?” “We-- [Claire] is selling it”(Auburn

ethnic penalties and how they effect the lives of minorities - TCD - Essay

1750 words - 7 pages moreover, how they are aided by mechanisms of discrimination, socio-economic class, ethnic segregation and occupational segregation. Ethnic minorities experience ‘penalties’ throughout their education and this can largely be attributed to the issues of socio-economic class, ethnic segregation and discrimination/racism. Although some of the struggles minorities face can be explained by the process of migration itself; ‘lack of fluency in the

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1003 words - 5 pages Free COMS 1403 10:00-10:50 Computing Fields Analysis The field of computing is enormous because of how much technology has grown. As a result, the different types of computing-related careers have been categorized into different degrees. Each one has their own qualities that make them unique, so it is good for people to know what they are getting into before they choose one. While each one is unique, they still have some similarities. Programming

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686 words - 3 pages sure why an Asian isn’t casted but a possible reason could be that maybe there aren’t many good Asians in the industry, or it’s a trend not to cast them. There are many movies that propose they are of Asian descent but have blue eyes, and blonde hair. Although they are very under represented, I do believe that it is pure coincidence because why would they exclude one group of people instead of another? Maybe an opportunity hasn’t arisen yet to

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671 words - 3 pages aspect of it. Reading this further deepened my understanding of chemistry and gave me taste of what I will be learning at degree level and just emphasises my passion for it. Having done a work placement in an Russia Lane Elderly Day Care Centre showed me how important the use of drugs are, as I saw how the care workers had to give the right drugs in the right doses and how important this was in their daily routine. This showed me how much I wanted

Black Fish - Persuasive Essay on the protection of killer whales and how deadly they can be - Xavier College - Perusasive Essay

479 words - 2 pages also proved that orcas in captivity are bound to turn psychologically crazy. Keeping orcas in captivity has dropped their life expectancy from 60 to 70 for males and 80 to over 100 for females, down to an average of 13 years at SeaWorld. Is this how we should let orcas die? In captivity? After all we are controlling whether they die or not. Statistics have also proven that less than 1% of wild orcas have flopped down fins, whereas male orcas in

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855 words - 4 pages form of energy in the electromagnetic spectrum between FM radio waves and microwaves. Like FM radio waves, microwaves, visible light, and heat. Fake cell phone towers are basically the same but are not used by cell phone companies. “These fake towers, known as “interceptors,” were discovered in July by users of the CryptoPhone500, one of the ultra-secure cell phones released after Edward Snowden’s leaks about NSA snooping[footnoteRef:1].” The