The Unplanned Trip Which Was Written Due To Personal Experience Personal Essay

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The Unplanned Trip
It was midnight on a Tuesday and I left the house with my friends to get coffee, since it was a cold night. We reached the coffee house and bought 4 cups of coffee and some snacks. We paid for the coffee and for the snacks and went back to the car.
We were enjoying our coffee when one of my friend talks about going for a car ride from Adelaide to Gold Coast. He thought of this since he wanted to meet his girlfriend. Everyone thought he was joking and then they started to dare him. He looked at me and asked if he could do it and if he should do it. I looked at him and then the others and said yes! Next thing we know, we are on the road going for a continuous 23 hours ride to Gold Coast.
The plan was for a two to three days stay and then we come back. The ride was so long and the worst part about the trip was that only one of the friend had his license and was driving the car for 23 hours straight. We stopped at several places but just for food and to use the washroom. We were four friends: Tushar, Aman, Samar, and I (Haseeb).
The whole trip, all Samar did was that he slept at the back. I wanted to say so much during that trip but stayed quiet. As for Tushar, he kept on driving and Aman stayed awake with him in the front. I, on the other hand stayed awake for the first several hours, and then I slept. I woke up again when we stopped at a town where we ate pizza and some awesome cheese garlic bread.
After that stop, I stayed awake but Samar kept on sleeping. At that time I felt like we are all slaves to him, that we stay awake while he slept. I felt angry but just ignored it and enjoyed the trip. After a few hours, I wasn’t helping much so I decided to sleep.
We were halfway there when the car started to make some noises and started to decrease its speed. We stopped. After a quick search, we filled up the engine oil and continued driving. The car stopped once again when we were 6-7 hours away from Gold Coast. That stop was the cause of Samar’s panic. But what we didn’t know that this was just a small part of his big attack on us.
After a long ride, we finally reach Gold Coast. We parked the car near the Bond University. Tushar described that he was really tired and thinks that he is having hallucinations making the trees...


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