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Title: Music therapy for children with Autism
Autism is a disorder characterized by significant problems in communication and social functioning. Autism is actually called Autism Spectrum Disorder and encompasses a broad range of disabilities. One of the most difficult things teachers will face when dealing with Autistic children is their lack of communication skills and inappropriate or non-existent social skills. In addition to academic instruction children with Autism require instruction in communication techniques and social skills.
With the worlds population there is an increase of children and adults with autism spectrum disorder, we have music therapists that are professionally trained to make use of music as an educational tool to encourage learning. One of the purposes of music therapy for someone with autism is to provide the student with an initial assistance using melodious and rhythmic strategies, followed by fading of musical cues to assist in transfer to other learning environments. Music therapy has been proven to decrease symptoms of children with autism, and could even facilitate motivation and social interaction. Even autistic children, who rarely or never speak, can respond to music; sometimes they may even sing along. Music therapy provides a tool that can link the gap between a non-communicative child and one who can begin speaking in words and phrases. It a...

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