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After finishing all my courses in the first semester, I was finally able to lie down on my couch for the first time in my life. When I looked at my subjects in the timetable for the second semester, it was obvious that school will only get tougher as I move along. Plans for next year, courses I am going to take, methods to improve my marks, the beginning of a new semester, and procedures for my future have been very frustrating and difficult for me to handle. Right now, I am feeling somewhat restless. But after the first day in semester two, I was able ...view middle of the document...

The choices I have are simple, WORK HARD, DO MY HOMEWORK, and STUDY. They sound easier than done, but everyone knows that in order to build a strong bridge, you have to put effort into the building process.My plans for next year still have not been decided yet. That is probably the main source of my anxiety. I guess I should talk to the council or my parents on how to make this crucial decision because it is difficult to make the "correct" choices on my own.Meeting new people and making new friends can be scary. Like I said before, it is the start of a new semester, and it will definitely be hard to make new friends; other people might alienate me. Even though I am keeping in touch with my old friends, it is hard to ALWAYS keep in touch when many of my friends are spread to different classes. I plan to improve my social and communication skills, thus to improve my abilities orally and also being able to make new friends.After being able to come up with helpful ideas and solutions for my problems, I am feeling cheerful again. It is a very interesting second semester to start the second half of the year. Life is full of surprises. We all need to make decisions in life. And hopefully, the decisions I will be making in my second semester will be positive ones that will benefit my self-confident and my future education career!


What influences made you who you are today - Miami Palmetto Senior High - Essay

740 words - 3 pages to a nation where material items are on the bottom end of their priorities while the well being of your loved ones is superior to anything else. If you go up to any one person in America today and asked them what they wish they could have instantly, most people would wish for things such as a higher paying job, a nicer car, the newest iPhone, and things of that nature. These ideas were embedded into our heads at a young age thanks to the

"Neo-Predjudices" How Do Today's Acts Of Racism Differ From Those In The Past? Today, Acts Of Racism Are Perpetrated More By Individuals Than By Governments

1734 words - 7 pages . Although roughly ten percent of the total population of the United States is black, more than half of the two million incarcerated Americans are black, ("Racism, Prisons, and the Future of Black America" 2000) The pattern of racial bias in these statistics is confirmed by the research of the US Commission on Civil Rights, which found that while African Americans today constitute only 14% of all drug users nationally, they are 35% of all drug

Intelligence cannot be defined by exams - English - Research Paper

899 words - 4 pages intelligent and who’s not, the graders are only handed pieces of paper, they don’t get to know the person behind that, how they are feeling, if they were ill, none of that. All the graders see are letters on paper and subsequently place a percentage on them. Do you feel that grades are a tainted way to determine a student’s intelligence? Of course, Peter Tait writes in the middle of his article, “through this way of gauging intelligence, many

How to stay healthy while having to deal with year 12 stress - English/French - Speech

436 words - 2 pages salt will only leave you feeling flat. Make sure you are eating regular meals and snacks, the brain can’t work on an empty stomach!  Also Many students fall into the trap of turning to coffee or energy drinks to help them study. You may think that it will help you study into the night — or pep you up for an exam — but it’s more likely that you’ll burn out. Sacrificing sleep for late-night cramming isn’t a good habit to keep either. Even if you want

Concentration Camps Vs. School: Are They Really That Different?

817 words - 4 pages camp and the feeling of being in school are completely different, if someone has never been to a concentration camp, then school is all they know and that's bad enough. Those who have been to concentration camps have been through a world with bells, fences, fear of the leaders, and the longing to escape, just like students at school.Elie talks about the bells and how they run the show. Bells are the things that tell you when to go from one place

Article By Thomas Sowell " Afrocentric Escapism"

603 words - 3 pages traditions have been lost. So I dont not think it is a waste of time to learn who you are and where you come from. It is very important for people to know their identity and where they belong in society.When reading this composition my first thought was this author had a bias towards African Americans. After reading it a second time, I see the author as being very bias toward history. The author sees history as a waste of time. He feels focusing on the past doesn't prepare you for the future. He thinks a person shouldn't be distracted by things they can't change, but be more focused on the ever changing technological world we live in today.

The importance of Self-expression - English 12 - final essay

493 words - 2 pages Thesis statement: Self-expression is about people accepting who they are by express themselves to others and to seek social validation, a necessity in today world so one can adapt to the environment and it comes from the very depth of human soul. Introduction: How one interacts with other and the world, sometimes we do not realize how one express their thoughts to outside. Emotion, feelings, words is a portrait of who one is, make each of us a

Industry Shifts, Music Business - Music 101 - Music Business

1245 words - 5 pages also as a way to represent themselves and show others what they have experienced throughout their lives or what they are currently feeling during that time of their lives. Another thing that has remained the same is although artists do not physically use a saxophone, you can hear it in their track music. It is great instruments like the trumpet and saxophone that remain to be used because of their musical quality and sound. Although there is new


335 words - 2 pages landscapes, painting is by far also the most famous form of art. The most popular form of art today is music. You can find it on it's own TV stations and all over the radio airwaves. This by far is my favorite form of art. It is easily understood and it is a great outlet. There are many types of music, from classical to hard rock, Pavarotti to Pantara. This is another form of art that will last till the end of time. Through out the

This assignments is about whether poetry is better than prose and why or why not. - English ( - Research Paper

406 words - 2 pages Free because you need a beginning, middle, and an end to the story you are telling. In both of these types of writing, you have to have a reason or topic you are writing about or the piece won't be as good as it can be. The main reason of writing both is to get others to know how you are feeling and/or a story you want to tell but don't exactly know how to tell someone.

Dreams. From Why We Dream To How To Control Them

677 words - 3 pages Free notebook and something to write with by your bed to keep track. In doing so you, you are not just analyzing your dreams but the often this method is used ,the more you are likely to remember your dreams on your own.Dreaming is a wonderful thing in which reveals hidden messages. The only job for us is to comprehend our dreams and listen carefully. Dreams warns us about future problems and it also show us how we are really feeling. I will suggest when dreaming try and figure out and break down the symbols of your dreams. Who knows it might change things for the better. You will never know until you define your dreams.

Childhood Trauma Creates Inner Strength in Adulthood - Garfield High School English Composition I - Research Paper

1150 words - 5 pages suffering, and struggle that ensues, as an opportunity to reflect, to search for meaning in their lives, to ultimately become a better version of themselves”. Sanabria 2 Psychology Today ​goes more into depth of the meaning of “post-traumatic growth”. Susanna Newsonen describes it as, “accepting the trauma as a part of you. It's about accepting that it can change and evolve who you are … about acknowledging that personal growth can be found from the

Marriage A Big Decision! This Is A Story Which Tells About Todays Culture In Asia. Parents Want Their Daughter Marry Where They Want And It Sometimes Ends Up In Sad Results

1127 words - 5 pages Marriage a big decisionSubmitted by: Syed R Fayyaz"Kamran! Ever since I met you, I found you so nice. You could be an ideal guy for every girl, you are handsome, rich, polite, every girl would love to get married with you, today I came here to save three lives; mine, yours, and Asif's. I know Asif since my childhood; he has been unlucky since his childhood. I still remember that night, everyone was in panic, his house was on fire and he was

some of them are good from them you get lessons. - HIGH SCHOOL - ESSAY

550 words - 3 pages played a lot of games at friends house.We went to a park near his house and also went to play golf.We danced all the day and enjoyed that day a lot.At 3pm, we left his house. After all the day, when I returned home, my dad asked me how was the day in school and what you learn today? I said it was good but as the time passes I felt guilty that I deceive my dad who is working hard just to make me happy and to make my dreams true.He have a dream

the power of music and how it effects everyone's physical and mental state. - english - essay

602 words - 3 pages Free don’t understand why you brain does this in response to music. Low levels of dopamine can have a significant impact on a person's quality of life, affecting them both mentally, and physically. Many mental health disorders are linked to low levels of dopamine. Although music can’t cure mental illness, it can definitely help. Music changes how you feel. You become sad if you’re listing to depressing music, and you become happy if the song is joyful