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Over the last number of years companies have begun to adapt a series of HR Management practises into their organisations that are referred to as high performance practises. On this occasion I will be analysing an organisations current practises and to highlight and address any areas that may be improved or could impact the company’s performance and standards within a highly competitive market.
The organisation is a medium sized company employing approximately 200 staff and operate within the food manufacturing environment, producing high quality chocolates and desserts for domestic and international customers. The company are located 50km South of Dublin and have excellent transport links
As per Census 2016 results, 62.7% of the population is in urban areas, where 39% is based in the greater Dublin area, 37.3% is in rural areas. (CSO, 2016)
The organisation has adapted a strict hierarchal structure, which allows for the recognition of defined levels of leadership and promotes developing employees, it can also lead to the individual pursuing their own interests rather than the company, this individualistic view can lead to difficulties for the company (insert number 1)
The company currently feels exposed to increased competition within the market and sees the need to not only continue to increase the quality of their product but also the performance and standards of their staff.
Having conducted a SWOT analysis of the organisation the view would be as per Thompsons concept that the company is unconsciously competent whereby it needs to bring its values (i.e. human capital) in line with its resources and environment (Insert number 2)
For the purposes of this investigation the focus will be on one specific group of employees, albeit the largest, these being the operatives/ manual workers. Currently there appears to be a high turnover of staff and through exit interviews and company surveys, two main areas that factor in the low staff retention is the poor reward system and lack of training and development within the company. It has been noted that organisations have described human capital as its most valuable asset ( Inster 5) Therefore we will investigate ways for the company to improve its high commitment practises to ensure the retention of staff and the maximum benefits are being derived from these staff.
Taylor notes that there are a number of negative factors associated with high turnover rates within a company, namely cost management associated with the recruitment process, the impact on the employees who remain employed with the company and also the negative impact on the company brand and its ability to attract future talent (Insert number 3)
High turnover rates can also have an impact on the productivity of the staff, loss of talent and expertise can impact on a company’s ability to grow, particularly in a tight labour market. Probably most significantly is the cost associated with this and being able to provide the numbers associa...


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