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The amount paid will never expire and may be applied toward any goods or services offered by the merchant if the promotion is no longer available. The promotional value is the additional value beyond the amount paid, and it will expire on the expiration date above (unless prohibited by law). Redemption and Refund Redeemable only at Touchstone Climbing for the goods or services listed above. If the merchant refuses to honor this voucher because the promotional value has expired or for any other reason, Groupon will refund the amount paid. Period.
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I dont know why does this matter - idk - idk

758 words - 4 pages Free influences–we hardly know who we are—and we do this without realizing it. “What is a Canadian? A Canadian is a fellow wearing English tweeds, a Hong Kong shirt and Spanish shoes, who sips Brazilian coffee sweetened with Philippine sugar from a Bavarian cup while nibbling Swiss cheese, sitting at a Danish desk over a Persian rug, after coming home in a German car from an Italian movie…” is an anonymous saying that practically defines the typical

Poetry Analysis: to My Dear and Loving Husband - i dont know - Essay

783 words - 4 pages Margot Clarke Ms Woods - ENG “I prize thy love more than whole mines of gold”. Is it possible to love someone this much? Whilst we might not understand the type of love Anne Bradstreet expresses in her poem, To My Dear and Loving Husband, we can all relate to the feeling of love. Bradstreet, America’s first published poet, wrote her poem between 1641 and 1643 to proclaim her great love for her husband, the one who completes her. In her

Essay On Giving Gifts

283 words - 2 pages . Gift giving supports the other end of a relationship. When I see someone I love doing something or saying something (or even saying nothing when it applies) to send a positive message, I want them to know that I noticed that and appreciate that about them. To me, relationships are living and breathing "creatures" that must be fed well and maintained to stay healthy. If you find someone in your life that makes you want to try harder, snatch them up and dont let go!! They, themselves, are a gift and should be appreciated.

Gene Doping and is it unethical - biology - Research paper

583 words - 3 pages able to afford it. Sports are appealing because of humans having athletic ability from hard work and dedication.Gene doping kills the buzz around sports and would make kids overall disinterested in sports because they know they dont have a chance against more privileged kids. This would also kill spectating sports because every professional athlete would be a super human and every game would be like a game filled with Michael Jordans and would

Essay Title: Morals: Long Lost And Forgotten Book Title: Lord Of The Flies Author: William Golding

854 words - 4 pages like doing what they are told. Morals are starting to be forgotten, new ways of living on the island are forming. One moral, honesty, is now lost, none of the boys are doing what they said they would do on the first day. They dont gather drinking water, they ignore the signal fire and they dont work on building huts. Instead they play games and go swimming. This moral was very important for survival on the island, to have trust in one another

Article By Thomas Sowell " Afrocentric Escapism"

603 words - 3 pages traditions have been lost. So I dont not think it is a waste of time to learn who you are and where you come from. It is very important for people to know their identity and where they belong in society.When reading this composition my first thought was this author had a bias towards African Americans. After reading it a second time, I see the author as being very bias toward history. The author sees history as a waste of time. He feels focusing on the past doesn't prepare you for the future. He thinks a person shouldn't be distracted by things they can't change, but be more focused on the ever changing technological world we live in today.

google document with assignment - harmony - essay

1046 words - 5 pages know I can't always have my friends or family around to talk for me, so moving schools have made me more eager to meet new people and learn new things. Even if I doubt that I wouldn't be able to have many friend or be popular. Its okay to be by myself every once in a while and I don't have to be social to make myself likeable. Towards the end of the day I felt very relieved to go home to my family and I dont have the stress on having large amount from the teachers.

Interview with a Child/Adolescent - York University- EDUC_1000 - Education

1168 words - 5 pages Free health conditions like arthritis, and scoliosis. She dealt with many traumas that affected the way she lived. What is your goal in life after high school? “I dont know I’ve been indecisive about my career path, I been deciding if I should take a year off but in terms of what i’m passionate about I would like to become a vet, not no ordinary vet that you see in corner stores or any facility in the local area. Instead I would rather practice on wildlife

How Does Alan Bennett Use Dramatic Techniques To Manipulate Your Feelings Towards Doris In 'A Cream Cracker Under The Settee' ?

871 words - 4 pages old women because she is very houseproud and is always reflecting on memories of the past and critising young people. She's also qwite nosy which fits into the stereotype too. " Folks opposite, I dont know them, used to be the marsdens". This shoes how she is aware of her neighbourhood and surroundings as old people usually are. It also shows she has memories where she lives so she has been there for a long time.Bennett also gives the character a

Identity as a young black women - English 101 - Essay

706 words - 3 pages into a mature, young adult. Children have the best life. They dont have to wonder and worry. Teenagers have the rebellious, careless type of lifestyle that often gets them into trouble. Young adults look back on their childhood and on their teenage years and laugh at the wonderful memories. For me I don’t feel that I fit into any particular group of people I am my own, a unique person that can do anything they put their mind to. Life shouldn’t

song analysis on tupac shakur "Trapped" - social justice - Assignment

940 words - 4 pages - Heavily involved in East Coast - West Coast rivalry, particularly with fellow rapper Biggie from the East Coast (NY) - During this time, gangsta rap was dominant in the mainstream but Tupac introduced social issues into this genre as well - Tupac’s work is noted for addressing social justice issues prevalent in inner cities, and he is considered a symbol of resistance and activism even to this day Video Lyrics “You know they got me trapped in

argumentative essay analysis of work and school careeres - college of dupage - essay

1149 words - 5 pages US Senate to help solve this. This ad shows good ways of persuading others and getting certain people to elect this candidate for Senate. I would definitely say that this political advertisement has a nice appeal to it, and it just shows how much support that these campaign advisors have for Marsha Blackburn running for Senate. Comment by Nisa Zuberi: its goof that you had payed attention to the audience because they matter to and a lot of people dont address them to Comment by Nisa Zuberi: good** Works Cited “Crisis | Marsha Blackburn for US Senate.” YouTube, uploaded by Marsha Blackburn for U.S. Senate, 29 September 2018, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WS2zBeYbunw

Explain how Suzanne Collin's novel represents a dystopian world - 10th grade - essay

1115 words - 5 pages districts when she says “It’s interesting hearing about her life. We have so little communication with anyone outside our district. In fact, I wonder if the Gamemakers are blocking out our conversation, because even though the information seems harmless, they dont want people in different districts to know about one another.” Katniss’s choice of words such as harmless directly contrast with the fundamental aims of the Capitol and the Gamemakers. She

A view From the Bridge essay plan - Kings Rochester - Essay Plan

1109 words - 5 pages capitals. 3.Explain why the word is in inverted commas. 4. Write in a more formal free flowing tone. 5. Use more complex academic language. 6. Explain the role of Eddie and how he has to do with the theme. 7.Show a decent understanding of the text. 8. Show personal engagement. 9.Dont be narrative as you will lose marks. 10.Analyse how Miller creates meaning with caharacters. Paragraph planning Intro: -Miller uses multiple characters to show how

legal research regarding legal representation in courts - law university - research paper

1942 words - 8 pages explore some of the causes in the growth of the number of self-represented litigations, with evidence to the major reasons. Second, I will discuss the effects of the lack of representation on access to justice and the measure to minimise any unfortunate or unfavourable effects on access to justice. Finally, I will speak about possible actions that might work in assisting litigants in person which might improve the complications caused by the increase