How Job Satisfaction Affect Different Companies - Top Education Institution, HRM - Essay

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TMGT 600 Human Resource Management
Individual Essay
The study of employee satisfaction based on the analysis of Costco and Kmart
Yameng Li
08 January, 2019
Executive Summary
Employee satisfaction or job satisfaction is one of the key concerns of organizations and researchers. Although there is no one concrete definition on employee satisfaction, it always is regarded as the feelings or attitudes of employees towards their jobs. Employee satisfaction plays a vital role in human resource management and has huge influences on the organization. Costco and Kmart are selected as the examples to discuss in this essay. Costco is the company that has the highest rating in job satisfaction in America while Kmart is one of the worst company to work for regarding job satisfaction. By comparing both retailers, it is not difficult to find out that the high levels of satisfaction brings many advantages to Costco and help it become more successful, while the high level of dissatisfaction makes the whole business condition worse for Kmart. In fact, there are a wide variety of methods that companies could utilize to increase the employee satisfaction. Overall, the most important thing that organizations should remember is that employee satisfaction should be always paid attention to.
Table of Content
1. Introduction 4
2. Employee satisfaction overview 4
2.1 What is employee satisfaction 4
2.2 The importance of employee satisfaction 4
3. Influencing factors of employee satisfaction 5
3.1 Influencing factors 6
3.1.1 Policy of compensation and benefits 6
3.1.2 Promotion opportunity and career development 6
3.1.3 Working environment 6
3.1.4 Work itself 7
3.1.5 Relationship with supervisors 7
3.1.6 Leadership style 7
3.2 Employee satisfaction organization: Costco 7
3.2.1 Company introduction 7
3.2.2 The reasons for satisfaction 8
3.3 Employee dissatisfaction organization: Kmart 8
3.3.1 Company introduction 8
3.3.2 The reasons for dissatisfaction 9
3.4 Comparison between Costco and Kmart 9
4. Effects of employee satisfaction 10
4.1 Positive consequences of employee satisfaction 10
4.2 Negative consequences of employee dissatisfaction 11
5. Ways to improve employee satisfaction 12
5.1 Communication 12
5.2 Fair compensation and benefits 12
5.3 Monitor 12
5.4 Training and other development programs 12
5.5 Feedback 12
6. Conclusion 13
7. Recommendation 13
Reference 14
1. Introduction
Employee satisfaction plays a vital role in modern human management. Every company pays attention to this term as it will impact the organization greatly. Actually, there are a wide variety of factors that will influence the job satisfaction and those influencing variable combine together will result in huge consequences to the company. In this essay, Costco and Kmart are selected as the job satisfied case and the dissatisfied case for analysis. By studying those two cases, the ways on how to measure and improve the job satisfaction will be provided.
2. Employee satisfaction overv...

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