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Marketing Plan Mouth Wash Essay

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TO:MARKETING DIRECTORFROM:MARKETING MANAGERDATE:26TH AUGUST 2003RE:PROMOTIONAL STRATEGY: MAXI-FRESH MOUTHWASH1.0 INTRODUCTION-The Malaysian oral hygiene market consists an estimated 2million users with an estimated market size of RM30, 500, 000.00-Relatively matured market with minimum players. Market leader, Listerine, Oral-B.-Purpose of the proposal is to recommend marketing and promotional campaigns to effectively launch our latest product, non-alcohol Maxi-Fresh Mouthwash.2.0 TARGET MARKET2.1 Market Segmentation:- 2.1.1 Geographic:i) East and West Malaysia2.1.1 Demographic: i) Age 6- 44 yearsii) Children and MalayMuslim.2.1.2 Socioeconomici) Income,2.2 Target Market: - 2.2.1 Differentiated Marketing:i)Malay Muslim, Middle-income group, health conscious, looking for non-alcohol products.ii)Children2.3 Positioning: - 2.3.1Products Attributes:i)Non-alcohol anti-septic ...view middle of the document...

3.3 DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL: -3.3.1 CONVENTIONAL CHANNEL: -Hypermarkets, Supermarkets, Sundry Shops, Pharmacies3.3.2 UNCONVENTIONAL CHANNEL: -Mosques, Secondary Schools, Book Stores4.0 PROMOTION STRATEGY- Integration of 'pull' and 'push' strategy to achieve corporate and marketing objective.4.1ADVERTISING4.1.1Objective: -i. Create awareness and encourage purchases(pull & push element)4.1.2Budget: - i. RM 150, -i. Non-alcohol, high quality, and acceptableprice. Halal (recommended for Muslim)4.1.4Media: - i. News paper - 'Berita Harian', leadingMalay language daily newspaper.- The Star, leading Englishlanguage daily.ii. Magazine- 'Wanita', Malay languageladies magazine. Readers' age25 to 45. Mostly mothers.i. Billboards - 10 locations situated nearStates and National Mosque.4.2PUBLIC RELATION/ PUBLICITY4.2.1Objective: -i. Create Awareness (pull element)i i. Position the company as sociallyresponsible.4.2.2Budget: - i. RM 50, - ii. Buy Maxi Fresh to help the unfortunate.4.2.4Medium:- i. Free products to orphanage.ii. RM0.05 donation to 'Tabung Haji'(Islamic welfare entity) by way of 'Zakat'with every bottle sold during the monthof 'Ramadhan' (Islamic holy month).4.3SALES PROMOTION4.3.1Objective: - i. To stimulate sales (Push element) duringfirst 3 months of product launch.Encourage retailers and wholesaler to'push' the products to customers.4.3.2Budget: - i. RM600, Strategy: - i. Incentive programme to encourageretailers who achieved stipulated salestargets. Discounts rebates/ air tickets etc.ii. Introductory gift-with-purchase forend users. Buy one bottle of 400ml MaxiFresh Mouthwash free one toothbrush.5.0 ACTION PLANYear20032004OCTNOVDECJANFEBMARAPRMAYJUNJULAUGSEPOCTNOVTotalBudget(RM'000)ADVERTISINGNEWS PAPER- B.HARIAN- THE STAR******150PR/PUBLICITY- ORPHANAGE- TABUNG HAJI*****50SALES PROM.- INCENTIVE- G.W.P***************600TOTAL PROMOTION EXPENDITURE RM800, 000.006.0 ANTICIPATED OUTCOMEAcquiring 5% of total market share with approximately RM1.5 million sales turnovers within the first year of product launching.

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