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Parker Earth Moving Company Consulting: Session 4

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Parker Earth Moving Company Consulting: Session 4Parker Earth Moving Company Consulting: Session 4Looking at the current state of Parker Earth Moving Company's technology department, it does not look very promising. This department is not up to date with new technologies, the actual department is not involved in the business and it does not serve a major purpose in the company. The department head is not familiar with the latest technology trends. In an effort to improve this area of business for Parker Earth Moving Company the following issues will be addressed; how technologies are currently used in operations management, the evolution of information ...view middle of the document...

Technology is the enabler that makes today's service and manufacturing systems operate productively and meet customer needs better than ever (Collier & Evans, 2007). Technology in operations management is critical. Businesses today handle almost everything through technology. Technology will continue to evolve through the years and it will require us to learn new skills to stay up to date with it.Technology is categorized into two basic groups; Hard technology which refers to equipment and soft technology which refers to software. The types of technology used by an operations manager depends on the type of labor which the company is dedicated to and the type of service that is provided.The use of new technologies is essential for productivity of any company and especially for Parker Earth Moving Co. Currently; Parker Earth Moving Co IT department is out-of-date. New technologies like (RFID) radio frequency identification technology can be integrated to help the company in the assets tracking and distribution management processes. This technology can be used to integrate the use of different hardware and software to help out the inventory and production process. The use of RFID scanners and readers, can track the inventory as they move throughout the different facilities. With the application of RFID technologies, Mobile Scanner applications can be integrated to support PDA and bar code scanner devices and wireless receivers can be integrated as part of the solution.These software and hardware technologies operate over wireless networks. In order...

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