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Personal Statement
Life isn't about having and receiving its about giving back to those in need. For as long as I can remember I have always loved the feeling of helping other people. Whether is helping as a volunteer at a huge event or just by smiling to someone in need of enthusiasm.
I come from a rich place, and I’m not talking about money but instead a place rich of integrity and morals, that have help me throughout my life. I have learned that to be humble is what really matters to make you feel powerful and comfortable with yourself. The most difficult times in my life are the ones that have shaped me the most I know that life is not easy and that I'm going to struggle from time to time, but that will not prevent me from achieving my goal in becoming a Probation Officer.
I was born in the United States but my parents decided that it was best for me to be raised in Mexico. I was only three years old when for the first time I smelled the combination of mud and trees, it seem to be tragic but it turned out to be an amazing experience. There in Mexico I learned to appreciate and value my culture and everything that I had through my parents lectures. About what I could and couldn’t do and what they believed that was best for me. Even though that I had a good understanding of life and sometimes won’t want to listen to them somehow something would always take me back to my parents lectures of life.
I came to the united states at the age of fifteen in a search of a better life and education. I'm the oldest of six siblings and my goal is to be a good example to them so they can achieve their own goals as well. When I first arrived to the U.S. , learning English was one of my biggest obstacles. I wasn’t able to understand anything that anything in my classes. In some occasions my classmates and even some of my teachers would say racists comments about me. At the time I didn’t understand what they were saying but little by little the bad words were the first that I was able to understand in the English language. Sometimes I felt like I couldn’t do it anymore I would just think about going back to school to Mexico, English scared me and made me feel less than other people around me, like if it was dumb to think that I would ever be able to speak the language like everyone else. Somehow that turned out to be truth, but not in the same context, but because of the accent that I have around others that have spoken the language since they were little
With perseverance I was able to overcome most of the difficulties of learning a new language with...



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