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Geraldine M. Neru

Dr. M. O. Hansell

Physical Science 150 - 15

Lab Report #8

Series & Parallel Circuits


A series circuit is one that provides only one path for electricity to follow.Series lighting resembles a loop. A wire goes from one side of the wall socket to one side of the first bulb, and then from the other side to the next bulb and so on, and then back ...view middle of the document...

Then the same two wires extend on to the next bulb, and then the next continuing on to the last bulb.



The purpose of the experiment is to find out which of the two circuits (series and parallel) is the brightest, dimmest, and why, and to identify the direction of the electric flow.


3 D Batteries, 4 bulbs, 8 wires, and 1 switch


Prepare the materials.

Connect four bulbs in sockets with a switch and 3 D batteries firmly connected together top to bottom.

Test the switch, open and close.

The bulbs should light up.

Do the same for parallel circuit, but instead of connecting the bulbs in sockets, connect the wires from the batteries to the 1st bulb and 1st bulb to the next bulb and so on.

Record results.


The series circuit was the dimmest and parallel circuit was the brightest of the two. For the parallel circuit on bulb was moved, but that didn't change the brighten of the bulb.

We had to calculate the voltage of 4 bulbs.

1 bulb = .2 watts

4 bulbs = .8 watts

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