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Procurement Management Process Essay

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It isn't surprising that the project managers are not happy about the "take over" of the procurement process for the scheduling tool. Resistance to change is a common factor for individuals and organizations. The main cause for this resistance is the belief that the change is unnecessary. The project managers have a belief that the way things are being done is successful, and they are in control. They see no major problem with the situation. This change will cause a loss of power to the project managers, and they resent the interference. The project managers will need to acknowledge the need for change in order to accept it (Yukl, 2006).Project Procurement involves the activities to purchase ...view middle of the document...

It eliminates a lot of steps in purchasing that are not necessary when each project manager is handling their own accounts. It also allows us to eliminate positions that are performing the same purchasing processes across the company by centralizing this process into a single department.In order to implement a successful procurement process, we will need to make changes within our organization. Changes in technology, personnel and attitudes will take place. The first step is to adopt a positive sourcing methodology. We need to build a relationship with our suppliers. These sellers are a key aspect to the success of our business, and we need to treat them that way. The overall goal of a strong sourcing methodology is to achieve a mutually satisfying agreement that will provide the buyer with the goods he needs at a reasonable price and that will secure the seller a steady customer in the future (Epiq, 2006). Another change will be our workforce; the people who deal with our vendors need to have some expertise dealing with the product they are purchasing. Suppliers will feel more secure dealing with more highly trained individuals. Also, by centralizing our procurement department, we will be able to specialize areas for certain goods and services. These purchasing powers will no longer be spread out through the company, and we will be able to buy in bulk, ultimately saving time and...

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