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It isn't surprising that the project managers are not happy about the "take over" of the procurement process for the scheduling tool. Resistance to change is a common factor for individuals and organizations. The main cause for this resistance is the belief that the change is unnecessary. The project managers have a belief that the way things are being done is successful, and they are in control. They see no major problem with the situation. This change will cause a loss of power to the project managers, and they resent the interference. The project managers will need to acknowledge the need for change in order to accept it (Yukl, 2006).Project Procurement involves the activities to purch ...view middle of the document...

It eliminates a lot of steps in purchasing that are not necessary when each project manager is handling their own accounts. It also allows us to eliminate positions that are performing the same purchasing processes across the company by centralizing this process into a single department.In order to implement a successful procurement process, we will need to make changes within our organization. Changes in technology, personnel and attitudes will take place. The first step is to adopt a positive sourcing methodology. We need to build a relationship with our suppliers. These sellers are a key aspect to the success of our business, and we need to treat them that way. The overall goal of a strong sourcing methodology is to achieve a mutually satisfying agreement that will provide the buyer with the goods he needs at a reasonable price and that will secure the seller a steady customer in the future (Epiq, 2006). Another change will be our workforce; the people who deal with our vendors need to have some expertise dealing with the product they are purchasing. Suppliers will feel more secure dealing with more highly trained individuals. Also, by centralizing our procurement department, we will be able to specialize areas for certain goods and services. These purchasing powers will no longer be spread out through the company, and we will be able to buy in bulk, ultimately saving time ...


Straregic Sourcing And E-Procurement Are Major New Areas Of Potential Performance Improvement. How Have They Added Value ?

1116 words - 5 pages order to ensure the availability of materials and services for value adding activities. The strategic sourcing must also ensure that every sourcing decision take care about value and cost, such considerations can be ensured by involving procurement earlier in the process. Each sourcing strategy will be developed based on the unique attributes of each category in accordance with its business impact and supply market complexity:Strategic sourcing


2353 words - 10 pages end there is also a discussion on finding the best practice identification improving the procurement process which could have mitigated the risks that occurred in this project. Introduction Procurement management is defined as the process of buying a product or service which is not decided to be produced within the organization due to various factors. The process of procurement is planning, conducting, controlling and closing procurements. The

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5084 words - 21 pages oriented not on the strategic management in the company Xxx but on the project behind it. We would like to describe here how was our work organized and what was the methodology we have used.1.1 Assignment GoalsAs we have already mentioned the goals are not oriented on any analysis or strategy proposals in the company Xxx but on the process which should lead to successful strategic management analysis and proposals in this company. Our ultimate goal

An assessment of project management processes: London Heathrow Terminal 5 - RMIT - assignment

1521 words - 7 pages (each company provided half of the staff) to form a consultancy group. This team offered strategic support in cost management during the project. Some of the achievements included designing an incentive procurement model, implementing a process control system and setting a target cost philosophy. 2.4 Technological factors Project effectiveness and efficiency can benefit a lot from new technologies applied in management processes. One of the most

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2285 words - 10 pages failed due to miscommunication. The project organization structure has a balanced team structure required for this specific project. The role of a project manager includes - Stakeholder management plan, WBS, communication plan, Safety Plan, Stakeholder management plan, Milestones, Dispute resolution plan, Accounts, Tenders, EOI, Designers invitation, Procurement process, Managing partners and getting sponsors, Meeting timelines Figure 3 Network

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819 words - 4 pages visibility and management, to enhance its supply chain process for efficient materials management, improved inventory planning, forecasting and execution. In addition, inventory levels in its factories needed to be reduced from days to hours and transactions have to be online and real time.To achieve these goals Dell chose to use solutions from i2, including components from i2 Supply Chain Management. The i2 system streamlines the supply chain by

GenRays Human Resources Information System - Project management

2389 words - 10 pages team members. Project Risk Management Risk Matrix Application of risk matrix in required for identification and evaluation of probable risks. In addition, this tool is beneficial for determining mitigation strategies. Project Procurement Management Pricing This software can be used for determining the probable budget of a project. Project Stakeholder Management Stakeholder Matrix Stakeholder matrix is required for identifying influence and

Project Management

3574 words - 15 pages ; Reasons why a project is divided into life cycle phases. Bibliography Question 1.1Explain the paper framework in the study guide in your own words.The paper framework as shown in the Study Guide (PROJEK-H Study guide 2005:IX), is divided into six topics, with specific study units allocated to each topic, that takes one through the process of project management from the very beginning (breaking new ground and laying the foundations) to the

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1169 words - 5 pages Running head: DATA ANALYSIS SKILLS AND THNKING DATA ANALYSIS SKILLS AND THNKING Data Analysis Skills and Thinking. BUS307: Operations Management & Quantitative Techniques Professor Thuleen June 4, 2018 Spend analysis is the process by which historical data is collected in terms of commodity and relative to the demand, in the business, with the exception of personnel expenses, occupation, and corporate spend. (Monczka, 2011) Data should go to the

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1584 words - 7 pages 1 Running head: DELL INC. 2 DELL INC. Dell Inc: Improving the Flexibility of the Desktop PC Supply Chain Case Study Strategic Supply Chain Management Liberty University BUSI 740 – B02 January 20, 2019 Case Study 1 Dell Inc. Dell Inc. was founded by Michael Dell in 1984 based on the business model of eliminating retailers from the sales channel and selling directly to customers. This business model carried the company into the ranks of the top

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697 words - 3 pages Advantages:1)Take all cost elements into consideration, because it extends the procurement to the whole life cycle of product within a firm.2)Reflects the real cost of the purchasing rather than the pure acquisition.3)It helps to define a rational purchasing policy for the buyer, for instance, how to allocate the purchasing volume, and to whom, and etc.4)It can be a tool to evaluate outsourcing deals.5)Can be used in negotiations with suppliers

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1303 words - 6 pages going to be around for a long time. The B2C site must also increase focus on investing in the supply chain technologies so that there is an increase in fulfillment of customer orders. B2C supply chain reaches endless customers who prospect the sites in a way that B2B exchanges do not.B2B exchanges operate through supply chain management. Online portals act as conduits to allow orders, invoicing and payments throughout the supply chain. Wholesalers

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2590 words - 11 pages should include all the following EXCEPT: A sound process for handling, capturing and reporting freight expenses Free tickets to Houston Texans games given to you by a carrier sales rep A solid, logical carrier qualification & selection process A rigorous Supplier Management Process An optimization methodology 1 points    QUESTION 12 1. Rail is excellent for hauling: Heavy loads of cargo Bulky cargo Long distances Cargo that is for residential

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1294 words - 6 pages Free management issues, with many officers stepping down from their positions, all of whom stated problems with their CEO’s ability to take advice from them. These issues prove a large stepping stone that Swatch would have to cross in order to hold its large market share heading into the future. Product Mix and Proposals Having a large product mix, Swatch group had many options in their watches, be it high-end, tech savvy, or bargain hunting, Swatch

High Performance Organization

2696 words - 11 pages because employees know how to operate a machine properly, providing better customer service, improving quality and quantity of productivity, and obtaining management involvement in the training process. When managers go through the training, they are showing others that they are taking the goals of training seriously and are committed to the importance of human resource development.EMPLOYEE AND LABOR RELATIONSJust as human resource developers make