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In today's television programming, there seems to be a trend towards more reality shows. Ever since the premiere of the show Survivor, it became extremely popular and each season, newer reality-type television shows start to air. Survivor prompted network producers that the public like to see real people doing real stunts and real action. The dangerous stunts and overreacted drama in these shows are really catching the public's attention and keeping them entertained. It intrigues the public because it has real people doing things that the people at home would never even think about doing. From that, I can assume that reality TV is entertaining for one reason, and it is because it sh ...view middle of the document...

In the entire process, America gets to vote who will be the final 2 then they will also vote who will be the next "American Idol". In a documentary by the Entertainment Channel, American Idol's first season proved the point that people can be voted into fame. During the first season, the votes that were cast for were all based on looks and not talent. The winner of the first season was Kelly Clarkson in which America voted her over Justin Guarini. On the other hand, during the second season, Ruben Studdard had won by his singing abilities, not on his looks. On a quick note, statistics show that there were more people calling in to vote for American Idol than there were people that voted in the last presidential election. It just shows that programming is getting to be more realistic and interactive which the audience clearly enjoys.Lastly, on "Average Joe" normally handsome guys would compete for the girl, but this isn't the case. The cast includes 15 "average" guys that all compete for a chance at a model beauty. This is a typical twist of a dating game in which handsome guys would compete for the girl, but this show is more about personality than looks. Everyday the g...


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646 words - 3 pages Victoria Perez Garcia  ENG 091-2A2  05 September 2017  Unit 1 Writing Assessment  Wouldn't it be better if parents and their children would be able to spend more time together as a family? Well what better idea than being able to watch Reality TV programs together. Both younger and older aged people enjoy watching these types of programs. In the article Ethics and Reality TV: Should Really Watch, the author Austin Cline explains why reality TV

Advantages Of Commericals Essay

730 words - 3 pages 75,000,000 of TV sets are color. To how haw our lives depend on TV; according to A.C. Nielsen, America watches more than 7 hours per day. Many people say TV has many disadvantaged, like expensive commercials. For example, on 30 second commercials in the 1984 Super Bowl cost approximately 450,000 dollars. If you just look at the price it sounds costly, but in reality TV is one of the most cost-efficient media there is. Not only is cost an advantage of

Censorship In America         “Get Your Stinky, Yellow Ass Off My

521 words - 3 pages Free Censorship in America "Get your stinky, yellow ass off my property before I pop your guts full of blood!" I don't think any of the parents would want their little children running around the house repeating all the bad things they've just seen on a television. Hundreds of tragedies occur each year, which involve children imitating their TV idols. Children don't know the difference between a TV and reality. America should get

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835 words - 4 pages The "Real" World Why do people enjoy watching voyeuristic television shows? The number of viewer for The Real World has nearly tripled in the past three years. There are many other shows gaining popularity as well. Big Brother and Survivor are ideal examples of the two other television programs that have captured millions of viewers hearts. There is a shift to a "reality view" that stands very popular with people ages 8-24. This age group enjoys

Does the TV show '16 and pregnant' promote teen pregnancy? - luzerne county community college and sociology - research paper

768 words - 4 pages Running head: Does the tv show’16 and pregnant’ promote teen pregnancy Does the tv show’16 and pregnant’ promote teen pregnancy Erdman 5 Does the tv show 16 and pregnant promote teen pregnancy Lori Wetzel Kaitlyn Erdman Sociology 101 Citation Dockterman, Eliana, Time, Jan. 13, 2014 Rodrigues Kaelyn, Medium, December 11, 2017 (n.a.) Secure Teen, Feb. 12, 2014 Abstract The tv show 16 and pregnant promotes and discourages teen pregnancy. Teenage

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3046 words - 13 pages TV controls the crispness and detail in the picture you see.The resolution is determined by the number of pixels on the screen.An analog TV set can display 525 horizontal lines of resolution every thirtieth of a second. In reality, however, an analog TV displays half of those lines in a sixtieth of a second, and then displays the other half in the next sixtieth, so the whole frame is updated every thirtieth of a second. This process is called

Analysis of “It Ain't Easy Being Bisexual on TV” - enc1101 - analysis

558 words - 3 pages 1 Lillian Richards Hollis ENC1102 10 February 2018 Analysis of “It Ain't Easy Being Bisexual on TV” In the article “It Ain’t Easy Being Bisexual on TV” the author, entertainment writer Amy Zimmerman, attempts to shed light on the issue of the lack of accurate bisexual representation and characters on television. In her article she discusses the cliché and superficial way that bisexual characters are portrayed to their audiences. Although there

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2615 words - 11 pages Running Head: Research Paper 1 Research Paper 9 Abstract The purpose of this research paper is to explore whether increased amounts of screen time has a negative or positive affect on children under the age of 18. Screen time consists of exposure to cell phones, computer screens, or TV of any form. Through my own primary and secondary research, it was obvious that with more screen time comes less sleep, less exercise, but

Effects Of Media Violence

975 words - 4 pages here I am now, years later thinking (even though I dread the notion of it) that it is true some people take in the chaos they see on screen and reflect it in the way they act, even my-unimpressionable-self.In Diane Brady’s cover story over TV’s influence of behavior a preschool teacher, Terry Harrison, is quoted saying “…that the sound of a three-year-old boy yelling ‘Cowabunga’ is a war cry that can unleash chaos in

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585 words - 3 pages Free interact with their world whereas TV tells people what to think.Secondly, the advanced technology of games has demonstrated the complex aspects of programming and art combined to create digitally enhanced graphics. Information has increasingly allow thousands of people to meet in virtual environments where games can accomplish what TV could never in terms of addressing educational and social challenges. Technology has generally advanced from the "Pong

Exposure to Violence and the Social-Cognitive Effects on Children - Human Growth and Development - Research Paper

2849 words - 12 pages Exposure to Violence and the Social-Cognitive Effects on Children 1 Exposure to Violence and the Social-Cognitive Effects on Children Drew Shapiro Manchester Community College Exposure to Violence and the Social-Cognitive Effects on Children Today’s children are the future of tomorrow. Exposing our children to violence, whether it is on TV or in home violence can severely alter their social-cognitive development, as they grow older into

Jimmy Smits--A Biographical Summary

420 words - 2 pages College to study drama and earn a B.A. After that, he attended Cornell to earn an M.A. in theater. As an ambitious young actor, Jimmy's dream was to perfect his craft and work on high-quality projects with high-minded people. In reality, however, he spent his first years in the business playing roles that did not meet his artistic expectations.At that time, many Hispanics and African Americans were not given that much of a chance in acting. Sure

Resistance To New Technology

3955 words - 16 pages The effects of Digital Technology on FOXTELand the strike that followed. A analysis ofthe effect keeping Bolman & Lee's ReframingOrganizations in mind.The Organization - FOXTELFOXTEL, Australia's leading subscription television provider, launched its revolutionary digital TV service, FOXTEL Digital, on 14 March offering consumers a totally new television experience with an unparalleled choice of more than 130 digital channels and

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682 words - 3 pages Parents should limit their kid’s screen time It may or may not surprise you, but 99% of young children today spend way more time in front of some sort of screen, whether it's a computer, smart phone, or TV, than they spend playing outside, which raised a really important question- should parents limit screen time for kids? In my opinion, they definitely should. It’s the 21st century, and our smart phones and devices play major roles on our

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1659 words - 7 pages include technology, dissatisfaction, and loss of knowledge. In order to build an unpleasant culture, the author tainted the people with technology which changed their mentality of reality. Technology distracts society from knowing the truth of the revolution failing: “Will you turn the parlour off?” he asked. “That's my family.” (Bradbury 48-49) ​“‘Will you turn the parlor off?’ he asked. ‘That’s my family.’ ‘Will you turn it off for a sick man