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The Catholic Mass Compared To The Baptist Service

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I believe that whatever religion you practice or believe in it is very personal. The way I look at religion is that there are so many different religions and bibles no matter what one we believe in; it is what guides us and helps us through our lives during happy, sad, or hard times. I believe that every religion gives us a purpose and helps us be close to whatever God that we believe in and that we will all end up in the same place together and that is with GOD. I tell people that I respect their beliefs and would never judge them. It is not my place to judge anyone on anything. I leave that responsiblity in the hands of GOD.We have no right to say one religion does it better or knows' more ...view middle of the document...

You go on either side of the confessional and kneel down and close the door. A light goes on over it on the outside so people know someone is in there. You would say "Bless me father for I have sinned,my last confession was and you give him the time such as 2 weeks ago, a year ago etc." You tell him what you did wrong such as fighting with people, using bad words, anger, etc. They use to teach us not to go in with a shopping list such as I got mad 5 time, etc. After you are done confessing your sins the priest says a prayer and you are forgiven and then he would give you your punishment and you would have to say so many our fathers, hail marys and acts of contrition (prayers). As kids we would come out andwhisper how many we had to do and compare. The fourth one is the sacrament of confirmation. You get to choose a saints name that would be part of your middle names. You would ask someone we loved family, friends, parents, brothers or sisters if they were old enough, etc. You would go up to the priest in this special mass and get our blessing. You would be asked questions and had to be able torecite a prayer. Your sponsor the whole time puts their hand on your shoulder. This is when the Holy Ghost is given to those who are already baptized in order to make them strong and perfect Christians and soldiers of Jesus Christ.The fifth sacrament is Matrimony- this of course is known as marriage. If each person is of a different religion the Catholic Church will not be allow the couple to be married in the Catholic Church. When receiving this sacrament it is looked at as affecting man as a social being and sanctifying him in the fulfillment of his duties toward the church and society. The sixth sacrament is called the orders of matrimony. This gives the graces necessary for those who are to rear children in the love and fear of God, members of the church and militantfuture citizens of heaven. The last sacrament number seven is the last rights. This is when someone is about to die.Anyway it is when this sacrament removes the last remnant of human frailty and prepares the soul for etemallife. The masses are always the same and the only thing that changes is the readings. It is a very organized religion. Every Catholic Church is the same. It is not allowed to have instruments except a piano, organ or guitar. If you are not catholic and come to mass you are not able to receive communion. Growing up we never where taught to sit and read and know the bible. We were taught about the sacraments because you learned them and received them through your whole life. We were taught about sin.There are two types, Venial sin - it doesn't avert us from our true last end, it does not destroy charity, the principle of union with God. It does deprive the soul of sanctifying grace, and it is intrinsically repairable. The serious type of sin is called a mortal sin - something said, done or desired contrary to the external law or a thought, word or deed contrary to the...

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