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“Closing the gap” is a government strategy which aims to tackle the disparity of health issues and education between Australian Aboriginals/Torres strait islanders and non-indigenous Australians. Initially this was to close the gap in life expectancy and the amount of available medical/dental treatment available, but has since diversified to include matters such as; child mortality, childhood education, and employment. However, if current trends continue, the gaps in education, health, and job opportunities between indigenous and non-indigenous people will never be closed. Child mortality has actually increased, the life expectancy difference between indigenous and non-indigenous people hasn’t changed, and the education received by indigenous kids is definitely not up to scratch.
The life expectancy for Aboriginals and Torres Strait islanders was, and still is, 10 years shorter than the life expectancy for non-indigenous people, which, in my opinion, is just unacceptable. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, “A recent study has shown the Indigenous life expectancy to be 67.2 years for males (11.5 years lower than for non-Indigenous males), and 72.9 years for females (9.7 years lower than for non-Indigenous females).”. This piece of information alone did not sit very well with me. Not only is the age gap between indigenous and non-indigenous people a massive 10 years, one of the biggest causes of death in the indigenous community is diabetes. Diabetes is a very manageable disease if diagnosed and maintained properly and yet still causes a huge problem for indigenous people. As many as 10% of people in the indigenous community die as a result to diabetes, not to mention all the heart diseases and other associated problems caused by it. Some of the reasons why the deaths due to diabetes are so high; they are oblivious to the fact they have it, and even when they do, they’re unaware of the actions they can take to get affordable medication, they don’t know the actual impact diabetes can have on a person. These are all problems that can be solved simply by educating the indigenous community of diseases that they might be more susceptable to, over the majority of the non-indigenous community, things they can do to prevent/maintain these diseases, and how to receive the right care for the diseases. These things can be easily taught to students, when they are more impressionable and are more likely to remember the effects of diseases can have. This leads me to my next argument.
Indigenous kids are far less likely...

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