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C228 Task 1
Community Health and Population Focused Nursing
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The current population of Sentinel City is 663,862 people, which is an increase of 63,838 people (a 9.6% increase) from estimates made two years ago. The population covers a broad range of people with respect to both age range and racial diversity. 7.4% of the population is under 5 years old, 21.7% are under 18 years, and 10.5% are 65 years and older. The male to female ratio is 50.1% to 49.9% respectively. Caucasians make up the majority ethnicity with 80.6% of the population. African Americans represent 10.4%, American Indians/Alaska Natives represent 2.0%, Asians represent 3.7%, and Hispanics/Latinos represent 31.5% of the population. The median household income is $49,091 with 18.9% of the population living below the poverty line. All information and statistics were obtained from reports by American Sentinel University (2017).

Sentinel City is divided into four distinct neighborhoods. These neighborhoods are called Industrial Heights, Nightingale Square, Acer Tech Center, and Casper Park District. Each neighborhood is home to different groups of people and has its own challenges and strengths. The Industrial Heights neighborhood has a population of 38,855 people who are primarily of Hispanic/Latino (46.8%) and African American (13.1%) ethnicity. The median household income is $24,672 and 37.5% of persons under age 65 are without health insurance. The Nightingale Square neighborhood has a population of 103,974 people who are primarily of Caucasian (81.3%) and Hispanic/Latino (3.7%) ethnicity. The median household income is $269,550 and 0.7% of persons under age 65 are without health insurance. The Acer Tech Center neighborhood has a population of 168,390 people who are primarily of Caucasian (70.2%) and Hispanic/Latino (13.7%) ethnicity. The median household income is $166,300 and 1.5% of persons under age 65 are without health insurance. The Casper Park District neighborhood has a population of 352,643 people who are primarily of Caucasian (63%) and Hispanic/Latino (24%) ethnicity. The median household income is $80,134 and 22.7% of persons under age 65 are without health insurance. The above statistics were obtained from American Sentinel University reports (2017).

Neighborhood Safety Assessment
Throughout Sentinel City, there are many safety hazards. Trash litters the streets and limited green spaces, and some of it is on fire. Rats and stray dogs run through the trash and parks. Broken down cars, some of them also on fire, and graffiti are prevalent throughout the city. Many of the buildings appear to be abandoned or run down. The tenants of Casper Park’s Affordable Housing Project note complaints about factory smoke in the area. Industrial Heights has problems with noise pollution from the factories and construction in the area.

Information regarding illicit drug use can be found through the Sentinel City Healthcare System. Last ye...


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