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Connections Essay

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Slumdog Millionaire, directed by Danny Boyle, is a film that follows the films protagonist, Jamal, as he endeavours on a winning shunt on the popular show Who wants to be a Millionaire? Jamal is a slumdog a boy who was raised in the poverty of the Mumbai slums. This director uses setting, colour, juxtaposition and dialogue to give the viewer a strong idea of the importance of money in the impoverished society.The setting of the Juhu slums gives the audience an insight into the importance of money through the occupants lack of Unimaginable to the western viewers the residents of the slum live in utter poverty they bathe and wash their clothes in dirty water, they sift through garbage in ...view middle of the document...

This shows the audience how people are betrayed and hurt due to a vicious search for money. The oliver-twist like colours in the Juhu slums show the audience how money consumes community, culture and spirituality, and the audience is asked, is that right? The audience may then understand exactly how important money is in an impoverished society, morals and human decency thrown away for coins that allow survival in the slums, it is a survival of the fittest.Juxtaposition of the mentioned Juhu slums and a high rise apartment building gives the audience a strong idea of the importance of money in an impoverished society because it demonstrates how money facilitates dreams. The in-progress high rise, destined to be famished and house well-off citizens of Mumbai is built alongside the Mumbai slums. When Jamal stand in this high rise looking out at the slums, he is not only above the slums (symbolically show through his job he is seen as a 'better person'), it shows how money allows plans for the future. The people in the slums have no way to shape their destiny, as they are too strangled in the vicious poverty cycle they can only plan to survive from day to day. The high rise apartment building however, shows how those with money can plan for the suture, as the building owner is planning to accommodate the modernised India that has not developed yet. This juxtaposition also shows the possibilities and opportunities available through money the opportunity to chase your dreams and be who you want to be. Through this technique, the audience is able to compare their lives to...

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