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Cold War Study Guide
1. Why did many European colonies gain independence after WW2? ​Because the British
empire had gone bankrupt.
2. What types of protest did Gandhi preach?​ Non violent protest for equality.
3. What is civil disobedience? ​Refusal to Obey unjust laws.
4. Describe the Amritsar massacre. ​Not on test.
5. What two nations were formed after India gained its independence? ​India and Pakistan
6. How did Gandhi’s actions affect the people in the US? ​He made protests to stop the war
and spread peace.
7. Which political group won power after WW2? Who led this group? ​Omit 1-7
8. What was established in 1949? ​Israel
9. Where did the losers in China flee following Zedong’s rise to power? ​Taiwan.
10.What is China like today? ​Reformed communist
11.What two new superpowers emerged after WW2?​ ​The USA and the USSR
12.Why was the west concerned with the USSR? ​Afraid communism would spread to other
parts of the world. Afraid USSR would use their nuclear weapons
13.What were Soviet Union “satellites”? ​Eastern Bloc countries that were communist and
acted as a buffer zone between Western European countries and communist USSR.
14.What was the Marshall Plan? ​USA plan to give aid to any country who need it so they
would not have to take aid from the Soviet Union.
15.What was the Cold War and why was it called that? ​When tensions were high between
the USA and USSR. The world feared nuclear war could break out between the two at
any time. It was called the Cold War because there was no fight directly between
16.East Germany was ​communist ​and West Germany was​ democratic.
17.Describe the Berlin Aircraft. Why did it occur? How did it end? ​USSR upset at west
attempts to rebuild Germany so they block all roads leading into West Berlin. Allied
countries flew in supplies for the berliners. It ended by the USSR giving up th...

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