Drums Along The Mohawk Assignment

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The plot of my story is that this little boy wonders off into the forest. The forest is very dark and damp.He gets found by a Mohawk indian tribe. They take care of him for along time. Then they tell him the truth after about 20 years that they found him wondering around in the forest. He eventually forgives them and realizes they had no other options. The climax is when he has to go into war at the ...view middle of the document...

They gain a lot of respect from winning the battle. Then they all started the long journey back home. I think the protagonist of the story is John. He is the kid who they found wondering the forest. He is a very upfront kid, he likes to tell people the truth right away.He always gets into trouble with things around his tribe. I think he is the hero because he always stands tough and never fall back even in the middle of a bloody battle. The major conflict of the story is between the Mohawk and the South Dakota. I get this from how they always fight and get into battles. I also know this from how when they get to together they always give each other comments that are not necessary. They never got together and smoked the peace pipe. The closest theyever got was when they were battling. My favorite part of the book was the ending. He got to se his parents again and decides to go back with them. He learns all the stuff he took for granite all over again. He eventually gets used to the things that he used to do like hanging with his friends. He also made a book in the story about his adventures.


Assignment On Montaigne Power Of Imagination

561 words - 3 pages solo and drums, with a light guitar rhythm in the back4:41 - background vocals and drums4:47- lead vocals solo with drums4:54- background vocals being played along with drums5:00- guitar and drums at different rhythms5:03- lead vocals solo with guitar in and out with drums5:11 background vocals and drums and guitar starts to fade as song comes to a ending

music review

575 words - 3 pages Lauren HolteDr. Tyrie SmithEnglish 110217 June, 2014Haim - Days Are Gone ReviewDays Are Gone sends you on a journey about 30 years back on a hot sunny day drinking a cool cup of ice-tea sitting on your momma's porch. From the ripping synth bass, to the heavy Tarzan drums, to the effortless rhythms is what makes this album a top billboard 100 in the 80's, and of course 2013. No, Haim isn't the first to have this sound, but it works naturally and

My Golden Girl - Write A Short Story Which Develops A Strong Character

1491 words - 6 pages him is Brandon who owns this tiny tiny apartment with dishes stacked up to the ceiling and dirty clothes thrown across the floor. His doesn’t like to talk about it but we all know his mum threw him out for smoking pot. Brandon used to be pretty smart but that was before he started on the dope. Now he doesn’t do much. Then there’s Joel with his green Mohawk, and tattoo covered arms. You probably wouldn’t guess it by looking at him but Joel’s a

Paper On Drums

1072 words - 5 pages Free play the Guitar, Bass, Drums, and Piano have to put in a lot of time love and dedication into their work. One thing that I do love about music is the sound of the beat, and that is why I like the drums. To be a good drummer you need the skills and coronation, you need to have and inspiration or a favorite artist to look up too and you need the gear and accessories to create it.In order to be able to get the skills to be a good drummer you need to

Welcome To Togo. This Is A Persuasive Traveling Brochure

1404 words - 6 pages , but be sure to wear a lot of sun block.As you go farther north the temperature gets cooler around 60°F and higher. You should bring a sweater along just in case. A small slight inconvenience about the climate is its rainy season. In the north, this rainy season last from mid-April to mid-July. In the South, it begins in October and lasts through the end of November. The best time to travel to Togo is during mid-July to the beginning of

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585 words - 3 pages ones, all made into rock & roll.When couching tribute in specific terms, it's tough to convey the extent of the Beatles' achievements in a measly paragraph or two. They synthesized all that was good about early rock & roll, and changed it into something original and even more exciting. Some of the early rockabilly artists along with Elvis on the Sun label were Carl Perkins, Charlie Feathers, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Warren Smith, and

Dixie music analysis from Harlem Renaissance - English honors - Essay

559 words - 3 pages create the buoyant sound, “ one instrument (usually the trumpet) plays the melody or a variation on it, and the other instruments improvise around that melody”(Dixie). Dixieland music usually had a variety of instruments to create the sound. The trumpet along with the clarinet, trombone, tuba, piano, and drums were necessary to compose the Dixieland tune. Music also had an influence on the fashion. The proper and fancy clothes took a turn to

The essay for AWS and the history of african american - Banner / aws - essay

970 words - 4 pages Free along with the music. During this time the women of the village follow her around as she gets out of her clothes and buries them in a special spot. In African culture, segregation is typically enforced in dancing. They do this to reinforce gender roles in children, but they do have African dances where they allow the genders to join in together. Eskista, also known as the snake dance of Ethiopia, is one of a few dances allowing both men and women to

Ringo Star Paper

2585 words - 11 pages music, working along with the song and the singer, and feeding the others with his steady backbeat. The rest of the group recognized these talents, and depended on him because of them. "Playing without Ringo is like driving a car on three wheels," states George Harrison, guitarist for the Beatles. He was a both happy and sensitive individual with a natural wit, wry humor, and an easy-going nature that would draw people to him and earn him

Describe The Main Characteristics Of A Specific Style Or Period In Jazz Since World War II

1718 words - 7 pages Free dissonance melodies. 'How [the] instruments were played underwent a sea change in the context of modern jazz. Improvised lines grew faster, more complex. The syncopations and dotted eight-note phrasings that had characterized earlier jazz were now far less prominent.' (Gioia, 1997. Pg202). Along with all that came the change in chord based improvisation, using passing chords and altered chords, there was also a decided change in rhythmic emphasis

James Watt

927 words - 4 pages had many songs on his album "Escape", released in 2001 and the songs we are going to discuss include "Escape", "Hero", and "Don't Turn off the Lights". To begin, "Escape", the song starts out with a simple beat from the guitar, and is later followed by the counter melody of the drums. The catchy chorus, "If you feel like leaving, I'm not going to beg you to stay, cause soon you'll be finding, you can run, you can hide but you cant escape my love

A Day In The Wilderness

1301 words - 6 pages sound. Soon the subtle, unique sounds individually began to come fourth. The moving brook as it was singing its lovely song. Its soft tune chants that there is not a reason to fear the wilderness because life will continue perpetuating no matter what happens in my life. A large thunderous crash scares everything around the mountain. A very large gust of wind caused the trees to become like the drums, tapping away at each other. They are the

youth culture and the fashion movement - year 2 - essay

1962 words - 8 pages many political views and weren't afraid to show it. All differed in so many ways yet were all so similar at the same time; they all relied on fashion as their main movement. Brodie-Smith 2000, p.174 described that subcultures were both “modern in their commitment to individual freedom and self-expression” and "postmodern in their identification with fragmentation and heterogeneity". The punk subculture we all know as the dark, mohawk group with

The Reclaiming Of Masculinity: A Regression Of The Female Voice In Mainstream Rock Music

2513 words - 11 pages indeed a rarity; while male vocals monopolize the airtime, Amy Lee's lead vocals for Evanescence make only sporadic appearances along with Flyleaf (even less frequent), and a few late-night listening sessions present older singles from Stevie Nicks, Hole, and Janis Joplin, each outdated.In this study, I will utilize "New Historicism," a rather new critical method of analysing literature that was first introduced in the 1980's. Taking a sociological

Highly Intelligent People Helping other People - culture writibg Eng 101 - Essay

1465 words - 6 pages racism in their lyrics and messages that express wanting equal rights and expressing freedom for black people and minorities. It had become a movement that reflected urban lifestyles the extreme social realities. The more popular hip hop grew the more controversial it became. The changes have come along way with other impacts. There are several things that are affiliated with rap music. A “The Message” by Sugar Hill was one of the first artist to