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Why notebook computer, tablets and online classes should replace textbooks.
Here are just a few reasons why the “going digital” in class is a valid argument. First, it reduces the need for paper and ink to print books every time there is a need to update the material contained in the textbooks. Second, it is more efficient to have online access for those who cannot attend traditional classes. Third, it eases the wear and tear on a person’s body. Many people, adult as well as children, have begun having neck, shoulder and back pain due to carrying heavy books and backpacks.
According to an editorial in the Palm Beach Post, digital is the future of “print” and the transition to digital in the schools comes with significant benefits and challenges.
Legislature required that by 2015 schools spend half their textbook budget on digital offerings, yet the Palm Beach district spends 60 percent. Updating print textbooks
is a costly and time-consuming chore. In an effort to improve Florida’s curriculum, and the printers have begun charging high prices for the costs to update the textbooks.
Chiropractors offer advice on which backpacks or rolling carts are best to ward off back strains. The digital revolution clears the way for much faster and cheaper updates. There will be glitches such as tablets will stop working, students may lose them, and access to Wi-Fi networks and language barriers.
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