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Merits And Demerits Of Mordern Gadgets

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"MORDERNELECTRONICGADGETS"IntroductionModern gadgets have made us complete slaves to machines. There is no work which cannot be done without the assistance of machines and there is not a single area of human activity where machines don't have to be used. No one can deny the fact that gadgets have not only simplified our lives but also made them more comfortable and luxurious. If electricity fails, life for each one of us comes to a standstill as all gadgets are operated with it be it AC, TV, computer, a ...view middle of the document...

The gadgets are very useful, they help us connect to each other, they make us learn new things and discover new things. As long as people don't become fanatics when it comes to gadgets, we don't think that they could have a bad influence or a bad effect on peoples. The gadgets are state-of-the-art technologies that make our life better in many ways. Let's take for example the cell phone, many of you are "lost" without it and when it comes to students this device is more than just a cell phone, is a chat opportunity, an Internet connection, a camera and more. Because mobile phones have today a lot of features and they are not just devices made for communication between people. A negative effect of these gadgets on peoples can be the fact that they can become obsessive and the people can neglect everything else, like their social life, their family and friends. Is not a bad thing to have a computer, but is a bad thing to spend all your life in front of it pretending that everything else doesn't exist. Otherwise, most gadgets have positive effects because they enable us to do things faster and easier and they are also good...

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