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The wonderful genius, the clever thief, the shallow business man and the mighty showman... Steve Jobs was all of it and a lot more. And thanks to Mr. Isaacson, we get a smooth field trip into the life of a man, and the beginnings of the computer era. Don't we all want to make a dent in the universe?A compelling and quite even-handed look at the life of someone who may very well turn out to be one of the most influential people of the 20th and 21st centuries. Isaacson is at turns compassionate and candid in revealing the facets of someone who, by the end of the book, you will be calling either the world's most brilliantly unpleasant person or a idiotic genius.This is ...view middle of the document...

My thoughts: good book. Isaacson did a nice job of presenting Jobs as a man, with warts and all, and not some deity. It made me contemplate my own mortality, even if just for an evening. We're all given limited time, and Jobs certainly made a dent in the universe, as he always wanted. Most of us will never make such a large splash.How he did it is also interesting. Jobs' defining characteristics seemed to be narcissism and perfectionism.What is impressive is that Jobs was able to coordinate all these people to act in concert. He could convince smart and capable people to bend to his will and row in the same direction. He could see the big picture and future trends. He wasn't afraid to say what he thought.Isaacson leaves no stone in Jobs sad, crazy, genius life unturned. More biz details than you may want to know. The first half of the book is more vivid. Like with many contemporary biographies, the insights into individuals and honest descriptions fade towards the end. There is lots of food for thought in this book for anyone who is interested in management, innovation, or technology. Very fascinating.Would we have had Apple if any adult in Steve Jobs childhood had said 'NO!' to his outrageous behavior? Probably not. As an Apple fan who appreciates the simplicity, functionality, and beauty of its products and vision I am grudgingly glad. However it does beg the question, should our geniuses be given a pass on civility and decency? Should they be allowed to ignore the rules the rest of us follow for a civil society? That's a tough call.


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1124 words - 5 pages Apple 1 Apple 6 Apple Computer, Inc. Dacia A Johnson University of the Southwest Abstract About forty years ago, in Cupertino, California, Apple Inc. was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. The company first started out by making computers by hand and now, the company was known as Apple Computer, Inc. After the computers were known for being the world’s best, Apple soon decided to start making other hardware electronics and

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741 words - 3 pages With the death of Apple's co-founder and senior innovator,Steve Jobs,many have speculated about how the largest company in Amer Executive Summary of I-Foundation With the death of Apple's co-founder and senior innovator,Steve Jobs, many Apple fans can't help showing their disappointment and furious towards the latest release of the iPhone 5 this year, including iPad 4 and iPad mini,complaining the lack of innovation, in

Executive Summary of I-Foundation

741 words - 3 pages With the death of Apple's co-founder and senior innovator,Steve Jobs,many have speculated about how the largest company in Amer Executive Summary of I-Foundation With the death of Apple's co-founder and senior innovator,Steve Jobs, many Apple fans can't help showing their disappointment and furious towards the latest release of the iPhone 5 this year, including iPad 4 and iPad mini,complaining the lack of innovation, in

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2840 words - 12 pages diverse group of people who balance and complement one another in every phase. So it’s the duty of the leader to create an environment which is oriented to trust, open to communication, creative thinking, and cohesive teamwork. Who is the best leader that you know and what makes him/her so effective? Do you possess any of these qualities? The best leader I know would undoubtedly be Steve Jobs, he’s a great personality and his life is a great example

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1662 words - 7 pages fashion tag blog, (n.b.) · Age 22, single, lives in Toronto. · studying photography in University. · daily commute by bus. · hobbies: travelling and Gymming. · Confident and goal oriented · love to take care of skin and going out with mates. · maintain active social life STEVE About Jeremy Chen: · Student living in Toronto · 22-year-old Chinese · Hold University Degree · Wants to be manager in FMCG Industry · volunteer leader of AIESEC Global

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1228 words - 5 pages a business or an enterprise ("Definition Of ENTREPRENEUR"). “The founder of Apple left Reed College when he was just 19, reportedly because it was too much of a financial burden for his family”(Hess). Steve Jobs was only 19 when we dropped out. Eventually developing the apple products, by the time of his death his net worth was 11 billion (Rapton). Steve Jobs is a prime example of a person being financially success, and he never graduated

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1531 words - 7 pages the final critical decision decided by its C.E.O. Low level employees are excluded, even though they are directly affected by the outcomes. At Apple’s company, one is a magic number. During Steve Jobs’ tenure as Apple C.E.O every critical decision is decided by him. He also refused to use analytical decisions based on extensive market research. From The New York Times’ obituary write that Steve Jobs use his own research and intuition as his guide

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444 words - 2 pages – Ebony Magazine 15. Wilson Greatbatch – Pacemaker 16. Harley Davidson - Motorcycles 17. Debbi Fields – Mrs. Fields Cookies 18. Madam C.J. Walker – African American Hair Accessories 19. Colonel Sanders – Kentucky Fried Chicken 20. Steve Jobs – Creator of Apple 21. Thomas Watson – Founder of IBM 22. Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield – Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream 23. George Lucas – Movie Maker 24. Henry Ford – Ford Motorcars 25. Ray Croc – McDonalds 26

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2296 words - 10 pages Running head: ORGANIZATIONAL ETHICAL ANALYSIS PAPER 1 ORGANIZATIONAL ETHICAL ANALYSIS PAPER 9 Organizational Ethical Analysis Paper Alexandr Khlyzov Western Kentucky University Overview Steve Jobs and his friend, Steve Wozniak were the main people behind the startup of Apple Company. In fact, those two friends were talented, smart and very creative which they both dropped out of high school and they both started working for Hewlett Packard

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1420 words - 6 pages releasing the toxic chemicals. “The Associated Press also recently reported that the amount of chemically tainted soil from drilling waste increased nearly 5,100 percent over the past decade, to more than 512,000 tons last year. Steve Tillotson, assistant director of the North Dakota Health Department's waste management division, told reporters that trucks are hauling oilfield waste to facilities "24 hours a day, seven days a week” (Hoffman). This

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715 words - 3 pages .” Microsoft became very popular and most computers had Microsoft programs preinstalled. Later in 1979, Microsoft move to Seattle, Washington, Gates’ hometown. In 1983, Gates released the first mouse for Microsoft computers. Around the same time, Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, approached Bill Gates to create the software for the Macintosh. Gates & Jobs worked together to create versions of Microsoft Word & Excel for the Mac. After a few years, Microsoft grew

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1632 words - 7 pages Free measured bymarket capitalization (Bajarin, B. (June 2011). Why Apple Has a Strong Competitive Advantage. Retrieved from, Villing, T. (October 2011). THE GENIUS OF STEVE JOBS: UNDERSTANDING MARKETING'S 4 P'S. Retrieved from, Bajarin, T. (April 2017). Learning this 1 thing helped me understand Apple’s Strategy. Retrieved from,

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737 words - 3 pages mankind” (Stone). One thing that’s worth mentioning here is that greed doesn’t always have to be about wanting more money or power; it is just one side of the coin. Greed also can be for knowledge and freedom. We can take inventions of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and other sharp minds’ greed for knowledge has led to inventions thanks to which life is now much easier than it used to be in the past. Being greedy allows us, as humans, to always strive

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629 words - 3 pages take you on tour out on the lake. This is a great way to check out the shoreline and is a fun, simple way to entertain a large group of people. IV. In addition, a lot of tourists come into town to play a round of golf at Harbor Shores or to watch the Senior PGA. According to USA Today, this course was initially built to create more jobs and to enhance the community and they have done just that. Harbor Shores announced that the Senior PGA will be

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1475 words - 6 pages Free intended to be just a joke, does voice the concerns of many iPhone and Apple product users around the world. This essay will touch on the rhetorical values portrayed throughout the video as well as the events leading up to the making of the video. The technological world has advanced at an alarming rate through the past decade, mostly thanks to a man named Steve Jobs, also known more popularly as the creator and founder of Apple Incorporated. When Jobs