Entruponure Project On Mcdonalds Owner Buisness Assignment

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Name ____________________
Famous (Social) Entrepreneur
I have compiled a list of famous entrepreneurs for you to pick one and research. Your task is to compile information on this entrepreneur to complete a presentation of this person’s life and large accomplishments.
Use this link to view a list of entrepreneurs: goo.gl/k6fV9. There is also a list of entrepreneurs on the back of this sheet (some may be duplicates from the link). You are also welcome to pick a Social Entrepreneur from your own findings.
Events that should be included in the presentation:
· Birth (Include location in description)
· Parents Wedding Date
· Any siblings birthdates
· Life events of entrepreneur (marriage, children, deaths in family)
· If they have moved at all during their life (add a picture of a map)
· Education (High School Graduation, Starting College, Finishing College)
· When they began their business
· When/if they met their work partner
· Important dates of the business (start, went public, made a million dollars, etc.)
· How the business impacted the country
· Anything else you think is an important event for others to be aware of
Here is the list of Famous Entrepreneurs. Pick two that you are interested in learning more about. Because the list includes more entrepreneurs than students...


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